Flash Website For Your Online Business

If you want a website for your business you have the choice of making one on your own, hiring a freelancer to do it or getting your website designed by a professional web site designing firm. A number of factors may influence your decision and here we try to see the best choice for specific situations that you may find yourself in. Try and answer the questions that follow to see what choice would suit your situation and needs best.

At this level, you can outsource logo and useful source web design work. Craigslist is a free resource for finding potential freelancers. Do some market research with free or fee-based online survey services such as Survey Monkey. With the data and knowledge you get from these surveys, you have a better picture of your target audience and where to focus your efforts. A small Google AdWords or Facebook pay-per-click (PPC) campaign is useful for getting leads. For just pennies a click, in many cases, you could get good leads from keywords specific to your region or niche. You can also use PPC as a way to determine which keywords are the most effective in generating traffic. Narrow your keywords to those that expensive or not so popular.

You should purchase and control the domain name yourself instead of leaving that to a webmaster. Why? If the time comes that you want to switch to a new web company, you don't want your domain name and email address at the mercy of someone who may not have your best interests at heart. While most webmasters are ethical professionals, some of my website customers have reported their web companies took two weeks or longer to redirect their domain name after their original site was canceled. That means neither their old or new website was available to customers and they couldn't get email for that address either. You don't want to be caught in that limbo.

If you are the sole owner of your home business, make sure you are the sole financial decision maker as well. Giving your spouse you business credit card may not seem like a bad idea, but if they go to buy business supplies and end up buying other items as well, you may lose the right to write off that purchase.

During my free time, I started exploring the opportunities to be creative online. I wanted to create videos. I wanted to create podcasts. I did it, but it took me more time to program it than it did to create it. I started a web development business and it monopolized my life. It took so many more hours than I had in the day, so I programmed instead of sleeping when the need arose. I kept hearing that Macs were better for creative people, but it was hard to know what to believe. It seemed like they cost more, so with a small budget, I decided to stay with what I had.

Collect response through the capability of blogs to fetch comments from your blog readers. You can discover and enhance your goods and services via with the feedback from your readers.

I found out when I posted my project to get the revised web site up and running that Word Press was an option. I also found a freelancer that was up to the task of moving my temp site to the new platform. Ben handled all of the details and even agreed to make the updates after 11:00 pm on a Friday when web activity is slow.